Promotion of the Intercultural Cooperation

Black Sea Cooperation – Reality and Perspectives

Goal of the project

Establish cooperation between youth and scholars in the Black Sea region for the future development of the multilateral connections on the different levels, by  organizing annual conference concerning one of the directions of the cooperation in the Black Sea region.

History of the project:

The first part of the project implementation was organization of the Ukrainian-Georgian round-table on the topics of the bilateral cooperation in the Black Sea region, which took place in May 2001 in Odessa, Ukraine. At Odessa National University. Ten students from Ukraine and Georgia participated in it. In October 2001 at Tbilisi State University (Tbilisi, Georgia) was organized a return conference.

In May 2002 the First International Student Conference “Black Sea Cooperation: Reality and Perspectives” took place in Odessa. Twenty-five people from six countries of the Black Sea region participated in it. During the conference, the questions of economic cooperation and security in the region were discussed.

Second International Student Conference “Black Sea Cooperation: Reality and Perspectives” was organized in May 2003 and gathered 30 students from 14 countries. The interest to the conference was expressed not only by 11 states of the region but also by Balkan and EU states, the USA.  The conference was organized as a simulation of work of the two main organizations in the region – GUUAM and BSEC. The General consulates, which are accredited in Odessa supported the idea of the conference and sent the final document of the conference to their respectful Ministers of Foreign Affairs.