Promotion of the Intercultural Cooperation


Documentary Film Lab for Young Filmmakers is to encourage youth to use documentaries as a way of engaging others on issues vital to Ukraine’s democratic reform. It will provide individual tutoring, as well as open to wider audience workshops and lectures by the American filmmakers, film screenings and capstone competition for films produced in the framework of the Lab, screenings through Embassy’s 30 Windows on America (American Corners) throughout Ukraine, web space, documentary film festivals. Tutoring will focus on documentary directing, editing and alternative ways of distribution, it will be provided for 10-12 participant, will result in production of 10-12 shorts, 5-10 min each.

INDIE LAB. Documentary Film Lab for Young Filmmakers target groups:

  • Film schools students
  • Amateur documentary filmmakers
  • Civil society NGOs representatives

Thematically, the Lab will address three important policy areas:

  • Inclusive society: (LGBT, Disabled and Gender Equality)
  • Government accountability
  • Environmental conservation