Promotion of the Intercultural Cooperation

Ukrainian and Crimean Tatar study abroad

About the project

The project envisions the creation of an interactive map and an online database of more than 150 Ukrainian and Crimean Tatar studies centres in 30 countries. It describes the organizational/institutional structure of studies, how these study centres operate, and what priorities and topics guide their work. 

The project also includes the creation of an analytical report that will examine the key features of Ukrainian studies’ current development, the most significant obstacles to their development, and the opportunities and challenges they will face following the Russian Federation’s full-scale aggression in February 2022. 

Aims of the project

The study of the state, needs and prospects for the development of Ukrainian and Crimean Tatar studies around the world aims to further promote the formation of partnerships between educational and research institutions engaged in Ukrainian studies, stimulate a broader public debate about the best ways to strengthen Ukrainian studies around the world, and to serve as a foundation for future planning of the Ukrainian Institute’s programs and events designed to support Ukrainian Studies. 

The NGO “Promotion of Intercultural Cooperation” helps finalize and publicly present the research done by the Ukrainian Institute that examines the key features of Ukrainian studies’ current development.