Promotion of the Intercultural Cooperation

The Moving Academy for Performing Arts – MAPA

The Moving Academy for Performing Arts – MAPA offers short intensive training for art-management, team building, light, projection for independent theater makers, creative groups, artist from Central and East Europe. MAPA organize different workshops since 1992. In May 2007 MAPA and Les Kurbas Center started three years program “Procession of Icons” in Ukraine.
During “Introduction” workshop participant get to know about style and main principles of MAPA-work. After workshop teachers will form the group for main workshops.

Time frame: 4 days from 10.00 to 18.00 with one hour lunch brake.

Participation in the workshop is free of charge.
Teachers – Ide van Heiningen (Amsterdam) and Virag Dezso (Debritse).

Working language – English.
Thank you for your interest in this project. The project is currently closed.

Basic work principles
MAPA planing to held a numerous educational workshops – from 7 to 21 days of intensive work. The subject of workshops choosing by management team according to expert view about local necessity. Training consistency help to develop important art and organization skills during whole project period.
Workshops conductive in Ukraine and Serbia by MAPA-teachers from Netherlands and owners of MAPA master-diploma from different European countries. MAPA-leaders choose participants for each workshops based on applications and results of 4-days “Introduction” workshop.

The following MAPA core-training activities:
– art-management
– artistic leadership and team building
– production
– studio management
– light design and spots
– stage design
– move, composition, dramaturgy
– photo and projection techniques
– music in theater
– video in theater

More about planing events:

1. Coordinate meeting
This workshop organized proffesors from Hight Art and Economy School, Utrecht. Participants – project leaders. They get to know about all organization aspects of project: planing, founr rising, buisnes planing, communication, evaluation etc.
Time frame: 4 days
2. Project presentation
During project presentation MAPA teams with partners get information about work principles, show workshop’s video from other countries, answer about audiense questions. After project presentation potential participants fill applications.
Time frame: 1 days
3. Introduction
This workshop have a double role: participants know about MAPA-project, style and teachers; teachers selected people for the main workshops.
Time frame: 4 days
4. Artistic Leadership & Team building workshop
How to transform your personal fascinations into a theatrical form, communicate and build the team around you based on interaction and leadership.
Time frame: 14 days
5. Project management workshop
All aspects of organizing projects, such as planning, fund raising, budgeting, communication, networking, evaluating.
Time frame: 6 days
6. Studio management workshop
All aspects of studio management, such as setting-up the space, safety, maintenance, creating and maintaining a storage.
Time frame: 6 days
7. Projection in Theater workshop
How to set up scenery by working with projected images through self-made photo’s, painted slides and other materials. The participants will learn about screens, front and rear projection, lenses and optics, projectors, and most importantly, will learn how to transform an artistic vision into well-organized projection and performing script.
Time frame: 14 days
8. “The Procession of Icons”
A working process towards a performance, in which space, scenography and performing are considered to be the main characters of the play. The artists will receive a ‘list of tasks’ which will focus them on the icons of their country of the past, present and future on a personal level. These icons will be used in each performance and creates ‘a chain of installations’.
Time frame: 3 weeks (21 days)

Project administration:
Moving Academy for Performing Arts – MAPA
Oude Nieuwstraat 13 – I 1012 TD
Amsterdam, Netherlands
contact persone: Ide van Hainingen
tel: +31 20 422 66 23
fax: +31 20 422 66 24;

National Les Kurbas Center
Volodymerska 23-ve 01
034 Kyiv, Ukraine
contact persone: Olexander Chayka
Tel/fax: + 38 044 279 4783 ,,

DAH Theatre Research Centre – DTRC
Maruliceva 8 11 000
Belgrade, Serbia
contact persone: Jadranka Andjelich
tel: + 381 11 2441 680 fax: + 381 11 2441 680 /