Promotion of the Intercultural Cooperation

The Pickle Project

We were proud to be partners in this big interesting project.

Project Goals:

Foster substantive dialogue among Ukrainians and Americans around the issues of culture and food sustainability and security, by both engaging individual food memories and practices and exploring larger global issues of change.
Collect information and perspectives for forthcoming exhibitions (US and Ukraine) on food and culture in Ukraine.

Project Dates:

Kyiv: Friday, October 14, 2011
Donetsk: Tuesday, October 18, 2011
Odessa: Friday, October 21, 2011
L’viv: Sunday, October 23, 2011

Projected Audiences:

  • In each city, 30-50 citizens
  • Diverse participant base, range of ages/generations and ethnic/cultural backgrounds

Event Format and Components:

Conversations: Responding to preferences of individual partners, the event can be an evening or half day event. Drawing on the Arc of Dialogue methodology described below, Americans and Ukrainians will take turns setting the stage with brief (3-5 minute) conversation starters based on their own observations, life experiences and knowledge. Individual tables will then explore these issues or related ideas in greater depth through conversation with their table mates. Representatives from each table will then share their perspectives and the key themes raised in their table’s conversation with the full group

“Memories in Food:” Participants were invited to share their own food
memories in written format either through an informal questionnaire or a large timeline assembled on the wall, where participants could write memories and place on a decade-by-decade timeline

Video Interviews: We would like to do brief (2-3 minutes) video interviews with some participants either before or after the event.
Evaluation/Next Steps: Participants were invited to share their concluding thoughts both about the design of the conversation and the issues raised/